simple wired 2 motor control joystick

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Picture of simple wired 2 motor control joystick

i wanted for a long time to have a control joystick(control box), wich can easy change the directions of 2 motors. so i made one. it's not hard to build and works perfect. the costs vary between 2 and 4 euro. feel free to change/improve the project using creativity and better parts. share your experience! i hope my bad english won't be an obstacle ( i have a lot of pics though :). 
so have fun building the two motor control joystick!


Step 1: the idea

Picture of the idea

on the schematic i use 1-pole pushbuttons (0.20euro/unit), but that's only because the 2-pole ones were too expensive (3euro/unit). so i had to group them to change the polarity. i also used a bit different schematic, but only because i didn't know, that these pushbuttons have 4 usable pins(you'll see what i mean on the 3th step). this schematic work too, but it can be a bit more complicated to build.

Step 2: parts

Picture of parts

1. breadboard 
2. 8x 1-pole pushbuttons or 4x 2-pole push buttons 
3. wires 
everything else depends on your scrap collection :)

Step 3: soldering

Picture of soldering

1. cut the breadboard in a shape you like, but so, that there is enough space to cut a hole in the middle. 

2. put the pushbuttons on the breadboard, like on the picture. the distance between 2 oppisite pairs of buttons depends on the size of part 7*. part 7 shoud barelly touch the buttons, when it's in the middle. 

3. solder the push buttons

4. solder the wires on the back side(pic 2). 
you have to test the pins first and find the best way to connet them after you are sure what every one of them do. feel free to ask, if you don't get the idea

  • part7 - sorry, but i don't know the word (look step 2)

Step 4: connecting the buttons

Picture of connecting the buttons

1. stick hard plastic, metal or wood on the top of every to pairs(thay have to be pushed together) (pic 1) 

2. stick small nails in the middle (use super glue) (pic 2) 

3. make holes on the breadboard for the screws (pic 3) 

4. connect the wires to the OUT and IN connections. i used 2 of the screws for IN and part11(pic5) for OUT (pic 4)

Step 5: making the basis/box

Picture of making the basis/box

find some box or use a piece of wood, metal or hard plastic for basis. drill holes in the same distance like on the breadboard. put the screws in them and stick part7 over the main hole

Step 6: last step

Picture of last step

1. attach the breadboard (pic1) 

2. use the second part7 to make the stick (pic 2) 

3. put everything together 

4. you are done! now you can control every toy which uses 1 or 2 motors(cars, small robots, etc.). 

it's not a bad idea to test the schematic before you put everything together. it saves time! :p 
have fun with your joystick!