Old RC Car+ Blinking Led

Written by: admin@makezilla

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Just for fun. You know i love circuits and this is really simple....

Step 1: Parts

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-RC car Motor
-4 AA Batteries and holder (or any other batteries)
-1 3v Button cell batteries
-2 Switches
-1 Resistor for Led
-Extra wires
- Zip Ties
-Soldering Iron ( along with some solder)
- Wires Cutters and Strippers

Step 2: Platform

Picture of Platform

This is the platform or the base everything depends on. Make a couple holes.For your motor,batteries,and led circuit. Make sure the size is right, for everything.

Step 3: Wires for Motor

Picture of Wires for Motor

Strip the wires for the motor. In my case the blue wire is the Negative. And the white is the Positive.

Step 4: Zipping

Picture of Zipping009.JPG010.JPG

Put in the Zip tie for the motor. You might need another zip tie because it might be just a bit to big. And the motor according to the size must be perfect for the platform.

Step 5: Switch 1

Picture of Switch 1

Connect the switch. :)

Step 6: Battery 1

Picture of Battery 1012.JPG

Secure your battery and connect your battery to the terminals and press the turn on button. See if it is working if not check the steps backwards. My negative terminal on my battery was broken so i just took some aluminum foil and made a substitute.

Step 7: Making Led circuit

Picture of Making Led circuit015.JPG017.JPG

Connect the switch  for the Led on the negative side and a resistor to the other and get a 3v button cell battery and test it and if it works solder every thing together.

Step 8: All done.

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Now your all done good luck getting it to stop....... :)
Here is the link to see it in action :)