Kayak trolling motor

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I was tagged on my Facebook page with a new way to look at this kayak invention, I have seen tank wheel chairs that go every where. Well I would like to extend my offer to my fellow veterans who I served with a chance to be able to kayak with your families again. Big boats are nice, but it is not the same. You should not be limited to your surrounding when you are injured in any way, prior service or civilian.

If you are a veteran with special needs and would like to enjoy kayaking with your family again, or if you know of one please contact me and I will try my best to help out in building a system that will work on your choice kayak.

the invention that inspired me to build to a disability is the tank track wheel chair.

Thank you for reading this and I am willing to help you on your way to recovery.

I did not give measurements because all kayaks are not alike! I hope you enjoyed and creat one your self. Post your pictures and go fishing.

This is my first instructable and this is an old project that I did last year. I will help you out with what I can. Thanks for stopping in.









hand saw

wire snips crimps

tape measure


radio (Hill Stomp is on my Pandora)

saw horses

your attention

gloves to protect the only set of hands

eye protection because losing your eyes does not sound fun to me.

so please please be safe.

Step 1: Replacing the rudder

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So you are like me trying to find a way to fish and kayak at the same time with out fighting with the paddles, fishing line, and everything else that tends to mess you up.

You you have lost use of your limbs and can not paddle any more.

I want to help you re aging your ability to enjoy kayaking with your families.

inside the pictures you will see captions that describe the steps that I will be taking as we go. I will also add a couple notes to help you along the way.

Step 2: Foot rudder pedals

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I have had a problem with my pedals getting stuck and WD-40 was not cutting it. To help with my troubles I use graphite spray found at your local hardware store. Caution it is messy so use the provided red tube and take your time.

Step 3: Setting up the wiring

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Always remember that the engineers that built this did not design their motor for you to re-engineer, so with that in mind lets tear into this thing! Friendly note: do not lose the screws, break the plastic, or discard any parts! we will use them in the cabin.

first picture is an over view of what you want to do; Do not rush any thing! measure out what you would like to do, visualize it, then measure it out again.

Carefully pull apart you minn kota head noting how all the bits should fit back together again.

take lots of picture of the wiring and if needed draw out the wire placements.

On inspection of the wires please notice that all the information that you will need to extend the wiring harness to the cabin is printed on the wires. You should use this information to buy the correct gauge and color of wires.

Step 4: Things not to do!

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Do not use the wrong gauge wires! using the wrong wires will result in malfunction and your equipment will fail.

Do not discard the head casing! If you do you will end up using your wife's Tupperware and this will make you want to go fishing just that much faster and you will be cutting steps. cutting steps are bad.

Step 5: Looking at how the trolling motor will mount to the kayak.

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On the fiberglass down post that connects to the trolling motor you will have access length that will stick above the kayak. If you want to have a stream line look to your kayak you can cut the fiberglass tube by hand being careful not to cut your wires!

Remember water is not your friend when it comes to electrical anything.

Step 6: To cut or not to cut that is your option

Picture of To cut or not to cut that is your optionimage.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpg

As you can see I have 2 trolling motors one cut and one not cut.

if you choose to cut pleas measure twice, then set it up again, then hold it up to your kayak, because I have yet to find a new adjustment plate.

if you do not cut and you keep the clamps then you can build a (L-bracket) that your clamp can safely secure your trolling motor to, ether way you pick they work great.

Step 7: HOOK UP!

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Fish on!

I hope you enjoyed my kayak hack and that you are able to build your own. If you do please post a picture of your rendition on your accomplishments.

I want to reach out again to offer my services to help those who are missing a limb or stuck in a chair. If you really want to get back to kayaking with your family let me know and I will do my best to help you out.

Step 8: The gear selecter setup


I have had a couple steps to add.

as you can see I have kept the entire original head together, that way if I want to use it for a normal boat I can take off the extended wire harness and slap the head back on.

The cabin look and is small and whit the first trial motor had a compact selector and well it worked, but when you hook up fighting with shutting the motor off and it was a pain in the hind end. The long handle allows you to be able to access your desired speed or direction easier. You have a rain jacket on, fishing pole, setting up the 2nd pole, watching out for rising fish, and keeping your distance from other people.





Step 9: Another look at the new mounted motor

Picture of Another look at the new mounted motor539dc7bd9d29c905db000082.jpgDSC_6862.JPGDSC_6863.jpg


I have tried many different way to mount the trolling motor i would say this is the easiest way to pack up and hit the water faster.





Step 10: Connecting bracket

Picture of Connecting bracketDSC_6865.JPGDSC_6866.jpgDSC_6867.JPGDSC_6868.JPG


This is the third trial it works I like it but it can be better.





Step 11: A couple more views of my set up.

Picture of A couple more views of my set up.DSC_6869.jpgDSC_6871.JPGDSC_6872.JPGDSC_6874.JPGDSC_6875.JPGDSC_6876.JPGDSC_6877.JPG


How ever you want to build you kayak remember have fun, try new ways and always remember don't cut until you like what you have.