Motors control with relays (tank style motor control)

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Picture of Motors control with relays (tank style motor control)

The schematic shows how to connect to a PIC's outputs, just four lines are needed. OR, 
Use a toy radio control to control big motors for tank-like control. 
On the receiver, cut the toy car/tank motor wires off at the motors and connect those wires to the 5 volt relay coils as shown in the schematic for the PIC.. 
Any speed control can be connected, like a PWM. Use heavy guage wires on all relay contact lugs. 


Picture of RELAY BOARD PHOTOSsolderside of relay board.jpg

Mount relays on a perfboard and use the heaviest guage wire you can on the contacts for really big motors.

Step 2: Toy radio control now controls "monster car"

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Salvaged "Hot wheel" type outdoor rideable kiddie car motor set-up, can now be controlled with a toy radio control receiver and this relay unit. 
The toy receiver and motors probibly ran on 4 penlight batteries. Now the same toy controls 12 volts to power a car big enough for you to ride.