How to Get Cheap Motors

Written by: admin@makezilla

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Bring a kid that can't have a job or just not having a lot of money is hard so I am always looking to save money. I like going to the arc or goodwill to save money.

Step 1: Shopping

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Whenever I go to a second hand store I always look for things like 99 cent cassette player or the cheap VCR rewinders or even for a little more money dvd or cd players.

Step 2: Tearing it Apart

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There are many useful things in all the items listed previously. The things I have found are: motors, gears, wires, circuit boards, LCDs, LEDs, and switches.

Step 3: Shopping Again

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You can also find many rc cars although a lot of times they do not have their remotes. But they can still be very useful.

Step 4: Tearing it Apart Again

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When you get into the car their are usually many useful things. Although on occasion somebody has already taken parts from it. The things I have found are: gearboxes, wheels, motors, circuit boards, wires, and gears.

Step 5: Be Creative

There are many other things you could salvage parts from. I've gotten fans, a walking toy dinosaur, and a walking dog.