Professional Truing Stand from scrap parts.

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Picture of Professional Truing Stand from scrap parts.

Here is my very own truing stand design. I put it together from scrap parts I found around my house, and some cheap commercially available parts.

Step 1: Parts List

Picture of Parts List

You'll need the following items:
1. 3" wide hang track at least 20" long
2. 1" wide upright 40" long
3. 5/8 wide upright, 40" long
4. 3/8-16 turn buckle (see drawing: Threaded Block for details)
5. 3/8-16 shoulder bolt 2 pieces
6. 3/8-16 nut - 3 pieces
7. 3/8-16 Knob
8. 1/4" aluminum sheet, 4"x4"
9. Etc. (see the drawings for the rest of parts)

Step 2: Base Asm

Picture of Base Asm

Cut Parts to length
weld the bases together, as shown on the print
Drill holes on the base arms
clamp the arms together and weld them to the base

Step 3: Holder Asm

Picture of Holder Asm

Cut all the pieces to length
Drill the holes
Assemble the shaft - I used a 12mm shaft from an old printer. Find something similar, that you think will work.
Make sure the asm is not crooked. clamp all the parts to a flat surface.
weld the holder asm pieces together.
Do not weld the shaft. It'll be bolted to the holder asm frame as shown on the print.

Step 4: Holder

Picture of Holder

Visit the local steel yard
try to find a piece of aluminum I've shown on the print (1.1"x1.1"x2.5") or similar in the cut off section
buy it.
use a drill press to drill the dia 12.0 hole. Use a 1/4" drill first, than the 12.0 mm one.
Make sure it matches the shaft you've got earlier for the holder asm.
drill and tap the M6 holes.

Step 5: Caliper

Picture of Caliper

Get some 1/4" cut off aluminum plate stock.
Print out the drawing (Caliper) Make sure it's to scale
Cut the outline of the caliper out
Lay it on the aluminum stock, mark it with a sharpie
Mark the hole centers with a center punch (through the paper)
Cut it with a jigsaw. Metal (cutting) blade, low speed
Keep the saw blade cooled with water

Step 6: Arms

Picture of Arms

Cut two identical pieces from 1" upright stock
drill R5 (dia 10.0) holes, make sure you maintain dimension 1.4
attach the arms together
mark and drill the rest of the holes while the arms are attached
follow the print (Arm) to perform the rest of the cuts

Step 7: Threaded Block

Picture of Threaded Block

Remove the threaded rods from the turnbuckle
cut turnbuckle in half as shown on the print (Threaded Block)
Round the edges as shown on the print
Drill and tap M4 threads

Step 8: Threaded Rod

Picture of Threaded Rod

Make a simple welding jig from leftover hang track as shown on the print (Threaded rod)
Cut a window on the Jig to have access to the rod ends
Cut off the turn buckle threaded rod ends (ring, hook), add chamfers
Clamp the threaded ends into the welding jig as shown on the print
Tack both sides, and weld.
Make sure the threads are covered, so they'll not get weld splatter





Step 9: Final Assembly

Picture of Final Assembly

Consult the print (Truing Stand) for the final assembly
Use the recommended fasteners to join the parts together
Make sure you add the washers everywhere as shown, to have the proper gaps
Assemble the parts, test the movements.
Diasemble, paint, Re-assemble, ENJOY!
If you want to have the calipers move in synchrony you can add a simple mechanism as I've done
I used an old hand mixer. It had stripped gears, but those were just fine for this purpose
I drilled the worm gears to the right size (see caliper print) and glued to the caliper(s)
I cut off the motor shaft, and added a cover plate, and knob.




Step 10: Video

Picture of Video

Here is a video of my Truing Stand actuation


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