Traditional Chinese painting robot

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Traditional Chinese painting robot

The machine part is in the aluminum models in the board platform to place a rotating disc together, on the plate puts the paper barrel. On installs the double-hinged arm, the arm step-by-steps the motor control by two, the platform step-by-steps the motor control by one. The terminal arm grips the pen which the useful writing brush wool makes, at the same time the paper barrel rotation the pen nearby the paper barrel makes the vertical motion, like this drew the stroke in the paper barrel. The big arm and the platform have the mechanical spacing, enulls before the movement uses, between the small arm and the big arm also has the same spacing. Machine's each kind of size parameter establishes the Const convenience adjustment in the procedure.

Step 1: Electric circuit

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The electronic part step-by-steps the electrical machinery special-purpose actuation chip by three to actuate three electrical machinery, chip pulse CP (printer mouth) outputs with reverse signal DIR by the computer and the mouth. In order to prevent the 12V electric current to flow in backward is in charge of the board to make the computer and mouth cushion .VB with piece of 74HC244 cannot control the printer port to actuate the module with the hypothesized equipment " WinIo.dll " the output (WinIo is dynamic installment, but is unable connection in VB edition environment).

Step 2: Principle

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step motor driven also to be possible to us e4070+4027 CMOS.

Step 3: END

Regarding time delay processing, VB bringing TIMER controls only to be able 1/18 second to trigger most quickly one time, the time request not high situation may use this to control. Some beginners like with a big FOR circulation, this is inappropriate, different creates the time difference because of the different computer CPU speed. the appropriate method is returns to the systems operation time with WINAPI function GetTickCount the time (in theory to achieve a millisecond rank). WINAPI also provides function QueryPerformanceCounter to gain the CPU cycle directly, the precision may reach a microsecond rank, but will use it to reduce the system performance. This system namely with this function, gains the CPU cycle with QueryPerformanceCounter, QueryPerformanceFrequency obtains the CPU frequency, two numbers eliminate namely obtain the time.