K’NEX Gun: Ascension

Written by: admin@makezilla


The newest technology in firing pin actuation is here, eliminating the need to pull the pin manually. Brought to you by the EPU K'NEX gun firm, the prototype gun Ascension is our most usable K'NEX to date. With it's own proprietary pin-pull system, this new mech has the potential to replace the necessity for pulling the firing pin with fingers. Whats not to like?

With flip up sights, a forward charging handle, a comfortable grip and stock, and an overall short body, this gun is perfect for indoor CQC. While the magazine I have in the gun is tiny, extending it would not be hard at all!



  • Proprietary charging handle
  • Short overall body
  • Flip up front and rear sights
  • Great grip
  • Nice stock
  • Good prototype range: 40 ft. max
  • Distance trigger guard
  • High ROF capabilities


While this is still in its prototype stage, it could be enhanced to fulfill almost any role. Good luck with the transformation.

This is my 4th entry into the Toy Rods and Connectors Contest. Don't forget to vote for all of my and my brother's entries!

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