Rustic Knobless Entry – Secret Release Mechanism

Written by: admin@makezilla

I do like making these vintage styled cupboards, adding just the right elements really help to make a piece interesting. This rustic piece for example has no door knob and has a secret push button around the backside to open the door. Now, its not designed to be high security as you can just grab the bottom of the door and pull, but something fun and whimsical. The natural free form door closure is there for mostly looks as the door is kept closed with a modern door closure system. A fun and easy modification to add to an existing cabinet that would be free standing.

Step 1: The Actuator


I cut a couple of wood blocks that were about 1" thick to be about 1 1/2" x 2" and drilled a hole through the center of each one.

The size of the hole should be a mm larger than the size of the dowel being used. I found 3/8" dowel worked best here. I drilled another hole through the back side of the cabinet that aligned with the ones in the wood blocks.

The Dowel should be flush with the front of the shelf and protrude out the back 1".

Two extra smaller holes are drilled through the push rod to set as in and out stops.

Add two high tech screws to hold the rubber bands in the one back block and you are able to now glue down the blocks into an alignment that allows the rod to slide easily.

Add a modern door closure catch to the underside of the shelf and to the inside of the door.

Smile, ...test it out on your partner. ; )