Joystick Modding For Faster Inputs Fightsticks/Arcadesticks

Written by: admin@makezilla

Get faster inputs by installing a tension spring and oversized actuator into your Joystick.

Most Fightsticks come with Sanwa Joysticks. In this tutorial I teach you how to install an Oversized actuator, and tension spring so that you get faster inputs.

How it works-

Tension Spring - Adding a tension spring makes the joystick return to neutral faster. Example: A dash input is usually Forward, Forward. In actuality it is Forward, Neutral, Forward.

Oversized Actuator - The Plastic actuator at the bottom of the joystick shaft is what presses the switches Up, Down, Left, Right. By installing a bigger actuator you don't have to move the joystick as far to get the input to come out. Which makes for fast inputs overall.

Supplies Needed -

  • Sanwa Joystick, found in most Madcatz Fightsticks
  • Sanwa Tension Spring, for sale on
  • Oversized Actuator, for sale on
  • Pliers
  • Screwdriver with bits that fit the screws for your Fightstick/Arcadestick
  • Precision flat head screw driver

Step 1: Remove the Default Spring/Actuator and Install the new ones

1. Open your Fightstick so that you have access to the bottom of the joystick.

Note: You do not need to remove the joystick but make sure the ball top is resting in your lap or on a surface.

2. Stick the tip of the flat head precision screwdriver into one of the holes in the C clip on the bottom of the joystick shaft. Figure A, then pry the the clip off gently.

3. Remove the default Actuator. Figure B, The spring should now be visible. Figure C

4. Remove the spring, leaving just the shaft sticking out. Figure D

5. Put the new 1lb tension spring on the shaft. Figure E

6. Put the new actuator on and press down so that the slit for the C clip is showing. Figure F.

7. Push the C clip into position, you wont be able to get it all the way on but push it hard enough to get stuck there. Figure G.

8. Using the pliers have one end on the metal shaft and the other on the clip then squeeze the clip onto the shaft. Figure H.

Step 2: Tips - Removing the Joystick

If you chose to, you can remove the whole joystick from the stick.

1. Disconnect the wire harness from the joystick. (just pull the harness off, note which side was facing out)

2. Using a flat head screw driver, insert it into the bottom slit of the joystick shaft and twist the ball top off.

3. Remove the 4 screws that art holding the joystick to the fightstick mount.