Using the WASP Motor Controller (ESC)

Written by: admin@makezilla

In this Instructable we will be learning to control a WASP motor controller using an Arduino.

The WASP motor controller is an Electronic Speed Controller (ESC), taking a RC signal input from an Arduino and boosting it to a high voltage level. The WASP takes a power voltage of 6.5V - 28V, and can provide continuous current of 10A, with 30A spikes.

If the power voltage is between 6.5V - 20V, the WASP draws power from that source. If the power voltage is above 20V, the BEC connector (see image below) must be cut, and an external 5V supply must be given to power the WASP. If the signal wires (red yellow black) are connected, the WASP can draw power through the red and black lines. The yellow wire is the signal wire.

External limit switches may be added to stop motion of the actuator.


Step 1: Wiring

When wiring the WASP you can either solder directly to the board or solder heavy duty screw terminals to the connection points. Be sure to use heavy enough wire gauge, to account for the current that your motor will be drawing.

Wiring the WASP is as follows:

- Connect the battery to the positive and negative terminals of the WASP

- Connect the signal wire to the Arduino

  • Red is 5V
  • Black is GND
  • Yellow is signal

- Test your motor leads on the motor connection to ensure the polarity is correct before you secure them in place.