Open Air Folding Soft Sun Roof Actuator Motor Repair Gear VW Polo Lupo, Seat Ibiza Arosa, BMW E36 Compact 6N0 959 731 Repair Fix Kit Install Guide

Written by: admin@makezilla

The Problem

The gear within the roof motor wears causing the motor to no longer function.

It is common for the motor which operates the open air roof to fail, within this motor is a plastic gear. The gear is made from a poor quality plastic and wears prematurely; stopping the motor from working or causing a defect. It is rare for any other components in this motor / actuator to fail. The outer gears in this module are made of metal which do not fail however these interact with the plastic gear causing the plastic gear teeth to wear / strip and fail to function. A new motor can be purchased from the vehicle manufacturer, these typically retail for £200+ these are fitted with the same plastic gear which will fail again. Our brass gear allows you to replace just the part that fails at a fraction of the cost and permanently fixes the fault.

Symptoms of the fault

The symptoms of a fault with the roof operating motor gear include the open air sliding roof no longer opening or opening slowly or incorrectly. The roof motor may be heard running / vibrating next to the interior light when the button is pressed but the roof does not move or operates slowly or judders.

Vehicles affected and compatibility

All open air models

VW Polo 6N/6N2

VW Lupo

Seat Ibiza

Seat Arosa

BMW E36 compact

Part numbers:

6N0 959 731

Rockwell France 400 400 D9

Our solution

Install our replacement improved design gear and restore your open air roof operation.

Our precision engineered brass gear allows you to replace just the component that fails within the roof motor without the need to replace the whole motor which would just fail again. Our brass gear replaces the plastic gear that fails. We have matched the material of our gear to function correctly with the existing gears within the motor to ensure smooth life time use. Replacement motors are extremely expensive and are fitted with the same plastic gear which will just fail again. Install our gear at a fraction of the cost and enjoy using your open air roof again.

Our kit

1x brass gear

Step 1: Remove motor from the vehicle

Remove interior trim to access motor.

Remove 2x Philips screws from the motor that are attached to the frame of the open air sunroof to allow the motor to be removed.

Whilst undoing the last screw the motor can jump this is just the gearing moving inside.

Take care to retain the gasket between the motor and the frame.