Sensor Data Monitoring with Edison (Intel IoT)

Written by: admin@makezilla

This instructable is for integrating the grove sensors and actuators with Intel Edison by NodeJS and monitor the data of the sensors like air quality, Sound, Temperature, Light, Touch and LED, Buzzers.

This requires node modules:

mraa: GPIO,

moment-timezone: Date in specific timezone,

mathjs: logarithmic and mathematical calculations,

upm: LCD & i2c connectivity.

Step 1: Sensors and Actuators Connection to Intel Edison

Connect the sensors and actuators as:

Temperature Sensor - Analog Pin 0,

Light Sensor - Analog Pin 1,

Sound Sensor - Analog Input 2,

Air Quality Sensor - Analog Pin 3,

Touch Sensor - Digital Pin 2,

Buzzer -Digital Pin 3,

LED -Digital Pin 4.