Motorcycle Trunk Popper

Written by: admin@makezilla

This is one of my favourite projects that I've done so far because it arose out of genuine need to improve something, and it turned out much better than expected.

The problem I was having was that in order to remove the rear seat on my motorcycle to access the trunk, I had to use one hand to turn the key to release the latch and the other to lift the seat up. Of course whenever I'm approaching the motorcycle I have at least my helmet in hand and usually whatever I'm putting in the trunk as well. This meant that I had to put whatever I was carrying down, remove the seat and then put my stuff in.

Needless to say, this got annoying real fast and the DIY-er in me wouldn't stand for it. Here's my solution!

Step 1: Tools and Materials

So obviously this kind of project will have to be tailored to your specific application/size specifications but here's what I used:

Spring Mechanism:
* Heavy duty spring (Made from a key-ring)
* JB Weld

Latch Release Mechanism:
* Pull Solenoid (
* Standard 12V auto relay
* Fuse + fuse holder
* Momentary On push button switch
* Wiring
* Wire Tap
* Pipe Clamps

* Soldering Iron
* Multimeter
* Shop Manual for motorcycle
* Wire cutters
* Dremel