7-year old girl converts a Blanket box in her home to make doing her chores easier.

Written by: admin@makezilla

So my 7 year old girl wanted to make her chores easier and convert this blanket box into an automated Blanket box by just adding a remote control Linear actuator. It was a little project that would be cool to do and i get to spend some quality time with my daughter and she gets to learn about simple electronics, motion control and simple wiring. This is a super easy project that took about 30mins. I got all the parts for her online at www.FirgelliAuto.com all parts and model numbers are listed in these drawings and installing instructions. The simple ide can be applied to anything that opens and closes, door, flaps, etc.

Step 1: Step 1 Buy all the parts

You need a simple linear actuator device, we used a FA-RMS-12-4" this has a 4" (inch) stroke but you can buy strokes from 1" up to 60" if you like. On each end of the actuators there are mounting Clevises where you can buy an MB1 for each end. The Brackets are allowed to rotate once installed which is great because as the lid lifts the actuators actually rotate around the brackets.